Macchiato roughly translates as “stained” or “spotted” in Italian. This is because baristas use just a dash of foamed milk to “stain” the top of the espresso. This gives the macchiato a gentle sweetness without substantially changing the flavour of the coffee.


Did you know? 

Demitasse is French for ‘half cup’ and holds around 2-3 fl.oz/60-90mm of coffee. They are half the size of a regular coffee cup, hence the name.

What you need


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Small Glass or Demitasse

1 Espresso Shot

Cold Milk

1. Grind and Tamp

First, purge your group head and preheat your portafilter, then remove and dry before grinding.  

Next, grind your freshly roasted beans. Give the portafilter a few gentle taps to settle the grounds before tamping on a level surface. Remember, consistent pressure is key. Use the Razor tool after tamping to ensure you have the correct dose - it precisely controls the height of the tamped coffee.

2. Extract Espresso Shot

Place the portafilter into the group head. Twist until it’s firmly in place. Before you start the shot, make sure you set your cups underneath. Hit the two cup button. Espresso should drop from the spouts after 8-10 seconds, with a flow that resembles warm honey and a crema topping of pure black coffee.

Note: In this video, the shot is split between two cups. The reason for this is that most baristas use the double basket to split shots to create a balanced extraction. 

3. Texture the Milk

Pour 3.5 fl. oz/100ml cold milk into a jug. Place the wand about a ½ inch or 1.5cm into the milk. Open the steam valve and lower the jug after to introduce air to the surface of the milk. Aim for a temperature of around 140-150F, or 60-65C. Look for a velvety and silky-smooth texture. Once done, don't forget to purge the steam wand, and give a wipe clean using a damp cloth. Scoop two teaspoons of textured microfoam milk onto your espresso.