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We know how important high quality beans are in achieving cafe quality coffee at home. It's our promise to always source delicious, exciting third wave specialty coffee from the very best local roasters across the country.

The Bean-efits

Keep it fresh

Our mission is to have our roasters pack & dispatch your coffee order within hours of roasting, before delivering it free to your door, ready to brew.

Find your match

The perfect cup of coffee is a highly personal thing. Take our quiz to find the right bean for the job—just tell us how you like to make it, taste it and drink it, we'll do the rest.

Homegrown roasters

Feel good about your daily grind, knowing it comes from our pick of the most passionate roasters in America. We're always looking for undiscovered gems.

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Discovering the best

At Beanz, we’re dedicated to providing you with:

  • the freshest, highest quality beans 
  • access to passionate, knowledgable roasters 
  • unique offerings you can't easily find elsewhere 

We do this so you have everything you need to brew amazing third wave specialty coffee at home.

Meet our Roasters

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Just want fresh specialty beans?

What's 'Third Wave Specialty Coffee'?

It started in the '80s with a move away from the cheaper robusta beans found on the supermarket shelf. Driven by quality, transparency and sustainability, it was the moment coffee went from a global commodity to something local, unique and artisanal. These coffees have been grown & processed with unwavering attention to quality, allowing roasters to push the boundaries of flavor in the cup..

The Origin Story

In the world of specialty coffee, origin matters. A lot. Everything about a place will affect the end result, from soil, climate and altitude to growing conditions and processing methods. Knowing who farmed the coffee is just as important as who roasted it. No two stories are the same!

What's in it for us? Well, spotting our favorite experiences in a cup of coffee is all the more rewarding when we start to recognize, say, the telltale candy aromas of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia or a comforting pecan pie richness in a lot from Southeast Brazil. The more origins we're lucky enough to taste, the better.

Why Beanz exists

Beanz began as a small idea by the good folk at Breville; a leading kitchen appliance brand with a fascinating 80-year history.

It's Breville's Espresso and Coffee machines, with each design built on the fundamentals of making great coffee, which led them into millions of homes around the world.

Driven by a love of great coffee and years of Breville's research and experience under our belts, we're committed to bringing you our pick of the best, freshest, and sustainably sourced beans