Smart Bread Toasters

Why settle for average toast? Sage toasters allow you to toast your favourite artisanal breads of any shape and size. Choose between manual or motorised toasters and achieve perfect results everytime with innovative one touch functions like "A Bit More" and "A Quick Look".

If you want to perfect a thicker bread slice or bagel, our toasters will do just that.

We understand that different breads need different toasting times for your ideal shade. The intuitive presets of this kitchen appliance allow you to toast your favourite bread types, whether its ordinary white bread or artisan bread,  with variable browning control for more precise toasting.

Our innovations are designed based on your feedback to make toasting flawless. Avoid getting burnt toast or bagel and use the "A Quick look" button to check your toast without interrupting the toasting cycle or add "A Bit More"  for extra browning time without overdoing it. Knowing that crumpets and dense pastries demand more toasting space, we have designed our toasters with extra wide slots or long slots for any type of bread, with 2 slice toaster or 4 slice toaster options.

Discover a Sage smart toaster that understands your bread and your toasting needs.