Parts for Soda & Sparkling Water Makers

Sage carries a variety of parts for your Soda & Sparkling Water Makers. Find your product and browse for the part that fits your needs.

Meet the InFizz™ — it's going to change the way you drink your favourite beverages.

The InFizz™ Fusion is Sage’s game-changing home carbonation machine, offering the freedom to carbonate any beverage, not just water, thanks to its innovative FusionCap™.

The FusionCap™ stands as the core element of the InFizz™ Fusion, featuring a two-stage pressure release control that allows you to carbonate a variety of beverages, from flat sodas and juice to cocktails and wine. Versatility is key. Be as creative as you like with the InFizz™ Fusion. 

Precisely control the CO₂ release with the FusionCap™. Its red switch facilitates controlled depressurization, allowing for slow release after carbonation to prevent over-foaming. And for beverages like water, the fast position enables quick pressure release.

Ease of use is key with the InFizz™ Fusion, featuring an easy twist and lock system for secure operation. Infuse extra flavours and retain maximum carbonation until you’re ready to enjoy or serve.

The stylish InFizz™ Fusion is available in premium brushed stainless steel and Luxe Collection colours, including Black Truffle, Sea Salt, Damson Blue, and the Noir Edition.

Effortlessly blending style and functionality, the InFizz™ range takes up minimal benchtop space and features a sturdy die-cast lever and magnetic stainless steel drip tray, adding to the machine’s ease of maintenance, ensuring cleaning is as seamless as its operation.

Bonus: the InFizz™ range encourages environmental consciousness by reducing single-use plastic waste, contributing to both cost-savings and eco-friendly living. 

Explore the InFizz™ range and experience the transformation of your everyday drinks into extraordinary experiences. And enhance the fizz with additional accessories, including additional bottles. Investing in more bottles means you can stock your refrigerator full of your favourite fizzy drinks.

The InFizz™ range will redefine your drinking experience.