Bean to Cup Coffee & Espresso Machines

Unlock professional performance at home with Sage. Like a professional bean to cup coffee machine, ours uses the 4 Keys Formula to deliver delicious third-wave speciality coffee.

Ready to get a quality espresso coffee machine and make the best espresso drinks? Third-wave speciality coffee sees coffee as an artisanal food, produced to achieve the ultimate taste experience from bean to cup. When it comes to replicating third-wave speciality coffee at home, there are no cutting corners. That’s why Sage created a range of automatic and manual espresso coffee maker models that honour the traditions and techniques required for third-wave speciality coffee. Our collection includes versatile bean to cup coffee machines engineered to bring out the best in your coffee beans. Whether you're an office or home user, our espresso machines deliver the perfect balance of flavour and convenience.

Every Sage home espresso maker uses the 4 Keys formula, optimising each aspect from grind to extraction. Our espresso machines are designed to use the right dose of freshly ground coffee beans, ensure precise temperature control, optimal water pressure, and create true microfoam milk to deliver a harmonious blend of golden espresso and velvety textured milk.

Equipped with a steam wand and integrated milk frother for creating silky smooth textured milk, our espresso machines are ideal for crafting cappuccinos, lattes, and more at home. Whether you use an integrated coffee grinder or a standalone one, our espresso machines let you customise the grind to achieve your desired flavour profile.

Our next-generation automatic home espresso machine models allow you to simply swipe and select your cafe favourites on the touchscreen, while manual espresso maker models give you the hands-on control of a barista, using a traditional portafilter to extract rich espresso from coffee grounds. With our semi-automatic espresso machines featuring dual boiler technology, you can pull espresso shots while steaming milk simultaneously. Explore our range of filter coffee machines designed for coffee enthusiasts, whether you brew from coffee beans or pre-ground coffee.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Sage offers a variety of kitchen appliances designed to meet your coffee needs. Enjoy the perfect drink every time with Sage's advanced espresso coffee machine technology. Whether you're crafting a barista style coffee or a refreshing cold brew, our coffee filter systems ensure every cup is exceptional. Looking for a commercial coffee machine or the best bean to cup coffee machine? Experience the ultimate coffee journey, and taste the Sage difference today.