Electric Pressure & Slow Cookers

Cook Fast or Cook Slow. Enjoy flavoursome, homecooked meals with Sage's range of electric pressure cooker, rice cooker and slow cooker models.

Some foods taste better with time and others are perfected under pressure, which is why each cooker is highly versatile and includes multi-function settings. These settings allow you to either speed up the cooking process of your favorite slow cooker chicekn recipes without compromising on flavour or texture, or slow cook for tender results. Smart presets are designed to suit whatever you are cooking, with a custom option that puts you in control. 

With adjustable and automatic controls to suit any food type, Sage electric cooker models are the easiest way to achieve flavoursome and mouth-watering textures for your next meal. 

If you’re trying to achieve the perfect rice, the Risotto Plus is a specialised kitchen appliance that helps you make stir free risotto, fluffy rice or quinoa. So, what makes it better than other rice cookers? It is a combination rice cooker that includes several cooking settings, including steaming, searing, warming or induction heating functionalities.   Each set includes a stainless steel cooking pot, measuring cup, and serving spoon. 

Select electric pressure cookers include automatic, hands free Steam and Release, so you can keep your hands out of the way of hot steam for safer cooking. Our best slow cooker pressure cooker models also feature ceramic coated surfaces that make cleaning a breeze.