Bluicers - Blender Juicer Combos


You no longer need to choose between a juicer or a smoothie blender. You can now blend, juice or both and enjoy all the nutrients, flavours and textures of your favourite beverages using one space saving kitchen appliance.

A “Bluice” is the addition of  fresh juice into a blended mix. Fresh juice is so vibrant in  flavour and smooth in texture, it lifts the taste of blend levels never achieved by adding water, cocktail mix, or bottled fruit juice. 

The Bluicer has an interchangeable juicer blender combo design with one base and two modes - kinetic blending and cold spin juicing. In juicer mode, easily process whole fruits and vegetables, then extract fresh juice directly into the blending jug. In the blender mode, select from several one-touch programs and use the high-power motor to mix juice with fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables or ice to create endless healthy juice recipes and perfect smoothies.

With a Sage fresh juice blender combo, there’s no limit to the incredible flavour combinations you can create. The bluicer category introduces more fun, variety and flavours to the kitchen.