Juicing vs Blending

What is the difference between a juicer and a blender? Juicing and blending have unique health benefits. It all depends on which fruits and vegetables you'd like to combine, and whether you're after a concentration of vitamins and minerals or a nutritious meal replacement. Maybe you're a pulp kind-of-person or more of a smooth operator.

Blend + Juice = BLUICE

A game-changer for your kitchen has arrived. You no longer have to choose between a blender or juicer. Thanks to Sage’s innovative new design, you can blend, juice or bluice and enjoy all the nutrients, flavours and textures of your favourite blended smoothies and beverages using the one space saving kitchen appliance.

Meet the range

Blend, juice or both with Sage's innovative products designed to give fresh food a spin with our range of juicers, slow juicers, blenders, super blenders and bluicers.