The Six Sensory Taste Factors

There are six factors that affect the taste of drip filter coffee, and mastering each of them will help you bring out the best flavours in each cup.

Brew to your taste

“There are six factors you can control that affect the taste of your coffee. The three that have the most impact are the roast profile, the basket shape, and the brew ratio. For the real aficionados, there is grind size, brew time, and brew temperature, too.” 

Ryan McLachlan, Coffee Specialist at Breville, Sydney. Australia. 

Control your coffee

The first and most important factor that affects taste is the roast profile of the coffee beans. After this, you have the shape of the filter basket. By simply swapping out the basket, you can dramatically transform the flavour of the brew. 

Varying the brew ratio will also affect the flavour of your coffee. The less coffee you use, the sweeter and clearer your cup will be; use more coffee, however, and it will be more concentrated, with a heavier body and slightly more bitterness. 

If you want to dive deeper into coffee appreciation, you can also tweak grind size, brew time, and brew temperature, all of which give you more control over your coffee. In this video, we’ll show you how to brew delicious drip filter coffee at home by controlling these six taste factors.

For more information on the six factors, visit the link below:

The Six Taste Factors