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A properly drafted Terms and Conditions document should fill a few functions. Primarily, it ought to contain details about how a commercial transaction unfolds. How do your customers pay for and receive your goods and services? How much do they have to pay for them? What happens in the case of return, refund or defect? Having these details set-out in black and white helps to prevent unnecessary disputes arising and allows for quick dispute resolutions. Don’t let small issues drag you down! 

Importantly Terms and Conditions also govern liability in certain circumstances. Good terms and conditions should be upfront and reasonable about owing no liability when appropriate. You, as a vendor, should never be liable for something that your goods and services should not have been used for. No liability clauses are also important if you hire third parties for services, such as couriers.  

We believe it is a good business practice to have clear terms and conditions for your business. A clear, tailored terms and conditions document informs your clients and customers about what they can and can’t do in your marketplace. This will build trust and confidence in your business.