FAQ about Klarna

We got it covered - we answered frequently asked questions that your customers may have about Klarna before, during or after the purchase. Just choose the Klarna product FAQ below, copy the relevant questions to your site, insert your webshop name and applicable terms in the areas in brackets. And done!

Klarna is one of the fastest growing organizations in Europe and a leading payment provider of, among other things, post-payment. Klarna's ambition is to simplify the shopping experience for all shoppers, online and in stores. Customers only need to provide the most necessary information such as email address and date of birth to complete their purchase. This way you can easily buy something wherever you are, whether on your laptop or mobile.

When you choose to pay for your order afterwards, you will receive a separate invoice from Klarna. Klarna will send you the invoice as soon as we have informed them that the order has been shipped. This is usually about 2 days after you have received an email confirmation of your purchase. You will receive this invoice by e-mail, but download the Klarna app, that is a lot smooother. You pay this invoice to Klarna instead of us, no later than 14 days after you have received the order. The easiest way is to pay the invoice via the Klarna app. But you can also pay for it via the online portal at klarna.com.

If Klarna gives me the option to pay 14 days after delivery, will they do a credit check with me?

Both 'webshop' and Klarna will not do a credit check that has an impact on your creditworthiness. It is possible that Klarna makes an 'unregistered' inquiry, this has no effect on your creditworthiness

Yes, when you select Klarna as your payment method you can choose to have your order shipped to a different address. At the check-out you have the option to add another delivery address.

Is your order not satisfactory? Send your order back to us. If you return a part, it will be updated on the invoice. At Klarna you only pay what you keep.

Download the Klarna app and log in to arrange your return. You can then pause your payment until everything has been arranged.

If you have decided to keep (part of) the order, pay it via the Klarna app. Log in to the Klarna app and pay with 1 click. If you are using Klarna for the first time, they will ask you for some information. If you use Klarna more often, all you have to do is tell them you want to pay them. You no longer need bank details or passwords. Super simple but always safe.

After your order has been shipped you will receive a notification and you have 14 days to pay your invoice with iDEAL or direct debit by logging in to the Klarna app or klarna.nl .

If it is not convenient, with Klarna you have the option to snooze your payment for 10 days, completely free of charge. If 10 days is not enough, you can also postpone your payment by 30 days for a small contribution between € 0.40 and € 1.90. You can arrange all that very conveniently in the Klarna app.

Klarna does not charge any fees for using Pay Later. If you have not yet paid to Klarna by the due date specified in the payment instructions, a first reminder will be sent by email free of charge with a new payment term of 14 days. Klarna will charge € 13.50 reminder costs for the second reminder. For purchases under € 20, € 7.50 reminder costs will be charged. If payment is not made, these costs can amount up to € 2,500 to 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of € 40.

All your payments and invoices for all your Klarna purchases with us, but also with other web stores, can be found in the Klarna app or when you log in to the website.

Klarna will send you payment reminders so you never miss a payment. Turn on this push notification in the app.

Do you have a question about your bill? Klarna is available 24/7 for you via chat. You can find this in the Klarna app.

After Klarna has received your payment, Klarna will send a confirmation to the email address you provided. Didn't receive an email? Then contact Klarna's Customer Service team via the Klarna App. Keep your proof of payment ready.

Please contact our 'webshop' customer service if you want to cancel your order.

As soon as we have processed your cancellation, you will receive the amount back within 30 days in the same way as you paid with.

When we have (partly) received your return, we will send you an update of your invoice. Have you returned your order in full? Then we close your outstanding invoice.

You do not have to pay if you have not yet received the order. We advise you to contact our 'webshop' customer service to request an update. In addition, please also contact Klarna's Customer Service Team so that they can postpone the payment due date. Or arrange it very easily in the Klarna app.

The amount will be refunded in the same way as you paid with.