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The Science of Toasting

It's all in the temperature


You can't have toast without the Mailard Reaction

When under high temperatures, sugars breakdown into carbon and combine with amino acids forming new compounds. This is how the signature aromas and flavours of toast are created.


But wait, not all breads are created equally.

Meaning that depending on the levels of oils, sugars and water, some breads will toast differently to others in the same amount of time.

Plain White

Your daily standard generally has low levels of water, sugar and oils, meaning it toasts in a reasonable amount of time.


Wholegrain & Sourdoughs

These artisan loafs usually have a higher oil content, that keeps the moisture level higher for longer, meaning the mailard reaction takes longer to occur.


Fruit Breads

The kid's choice have higher level of sugars which means higher levels of carbon being released causing caramelisation to occur.