Sage Mixers Parts & Accessories

Sage carries a variety of parts and accessories for your Mixers. Find your product and browse for the part or accessory that fits your needs.

Retire your spatula with Sage's range of electric mixers and stand mixers that make light work of heavy doughs and batters and do the hard work for you. 

With up to 12 speed controls, our food mixers provide you with the correct technique to suit your recipe so you can achieve patisserie results at home. Our best stand mixer replicates the same planetary mixing action used in commercial bakeries and patisseries: a counter-clockwise mixing head and sweeping action that ensures 360 degree coverage of the entire bowl.  

Sage baking mixers are also compatible with multiple attachments such as standard flat beaters, dough hooks, whisks, spatula attachments and scraper beaters that reduce mixing time by up to 60%. 

It's time to rise with a Sage kitchen mixer.