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Brew your perfect

The only brewer with complete personalization to suit your taste.


Taking personalization to the next level

The Sage Precision Brewer™ gives you complete control so you can brew your perfect cup. Whether you want to master every element that influences flavor, or focus on the key factors and let the Sage Precision Brewer™ do the rest, this is the coffee machine that sets the benchmark when it comes to brewing your coffee exactly how you like it. 

Your perfect brew starts with the basket 

 You’ve discovered the importance of basket shape, and how each basket emphasises different flavors.

Flat bottom basket 


Semi-conical basket 

Coffee personalized to your taste 

The Sage Precision Brewer™ allows you to create third wave specialty coffee at home, brewed exactly how you like it.

With precise control over these critical elements, you can enjoy great tasting coffee every time.  


Meet the minds behind the machine

Learn about the thinking that helped create the Precision BrewerTM


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